#006 Sailing Into the Future of Food Service with Wendy Tuttle

  • April 18, 2017
Wendy Tuttle Headshot

Wendy Tuttle

Born to British parents, Wendy Tuttle grew up in Southern California. Her 17-year career in the hospitality industry began at the Rusty Pelican, where she worked while completing her bachelor’s degree at California State University at Fullerton.

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After graduation and a few stints at boutique restaurants, Wendy landed at the famous La Scala restaurants, founded in the 1950’s. Over 9 years with the company she advanced from management to director of operations and finally became vice president of operations. Wendy led La Scala’s transition from a family run business to a code compliant multi-unit institution. As La Scala expanded she focused on hiring and developing the careers of the managers at the various restaurants she oversaw. Wendy went on to become a senior manager at the acclaimed Chaya Venice, a thriving lounge, restaurant and sushi bar near the beach in Los Angeles. She has also consulted a number of LA’s newest restaurant industry entrepreneurs, guiding openings of new locations, and overseeing negotiations and interactions with contractors and city officials. Wendy has enjoyed her last 12 years as the Director of Management Placements at DD Factor Hospitality Recruiting where she continues striving to create and nurture effective, efficient management teams and continue to mentor through career coaching.

Learn about her career in the restaurant business, what it takes to be a restaurant manager, the importance of leadership skills, and the future of the restaurant industry.

Wendy shares her process which is unique and full of passion, for she truly understands how to skillfully match the applicants with her restaurant clients.

Of course, Debi and Wendy chat about their love for Sailing and Rosé wine!

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5:52 – The Tuttle Family Dinner Table

12:28 – Sailing Lessons

23:45 – Empathy Training

28:10 – Wendy as Recruiter/Placement Specialist

38:34 – Play Provisions

47:08 – Green Managers

58:02 – The Magic of Management

1:03:33 – What’s Next in the Restaurant Business

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