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Join me as I feature a rotating cast of guests and explore with me how they did what they did and why they do what they do.



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Matt Eisenacher, the Chief Concept Officer for Piada Italian Street Food

#072 – Matt Eisenacher: How Piada Italian Street Food Defies Fast-Casual Expectations

Matt Eisenacher Today we start our show off with a toast to breakfast for lunch – one of the delicious concepts that Matt Eisenacher of the Columbus-based Piada Italian Street Food is experimenting with right now. Our guest, Matt Eisenacher, is the Chief Concept Officer for Piada Italian Street Food.…
Joe Kahn of Condado Tacos

#071 – Joe Kahn: A Comfortable Culture + Made-From-Scratch Ingredients + Tacos = Condado Tacos

Condado Tacos Today we raise our glasses to the Taco Touchers out there, which is what you call the amazing people that make your food with love at Joe Kahn’s Condado Tacos.  Joe worked as everything from a busboy at Sizzler to a roller skating server to restaurant manager…
Alessandra Manias of the SAOR Project

#070 – Alessandra Manias: How Saor Project is Bringing Italy to LA

Alessandra Manias Formerly an architect and marketing consultant in Italy, now a production designer and private chef in LA: today’s guest, Alessandra Manias, is just bursting at the seams with passion and creativity. Alessandra started Saor Project with her husband, Gianluca Zago, to share the origin of ancient Italian culture,…
Birk O'Halloran of Iconic Wine and Eat Ink

#069 – Birk O’Halloran: The Art, Passion, & Stories Behind Iconic Wine

Birk O'Halloran Birk O'Halloran leads us in a toast to “getting drunk with the right people at the right time” – and it’s so forking appropriate for this episode (and, heck, the past 68 episodes too)! Birk is the owner of winemaker Iconic Wine, the author of Eat Ink, and…
Nik Hawks & Lee Selman: The Couple Behind Paleo Treats

#068 – Nik Hawks & Lee Selman: The Couple Behind Paleo Treats

Paleo Treats Nik Hawks & Lee Selman are the co-founders of Paleo Treats, and let me just say: you do not have to be paleo to enjoy these forking delicious snacks! These two are a really cute couple and wonderful business partners, with wild backgrounds. Nik is a former Navy…
Chef Randy Siles and Debi

#067 – Chef Randy Siles: A Tour for the Tastebuds with Costa Rica’s Ambassador of National Gastronomy

Chef Randy Siles Chef Randy Siles is one of the best chefs in Costa Rica. He is Costa Rica’s Ambassador of National Gastronomy and the chef at the incredible Shambala Restaurant. He cooks with a really unique combination of flavors and techniques, resulting in some of the best tasting dishes…
Forking Around Podcast Equipment

#066 – Chef James Kelly: Personalized Dining Experiences, a Solar Powered Food Truck, Organic Fruit & Vegetable Pops, and MORE! | Forking Around Costa Rica

Chef James Kelly Chef James Kelly, or Jim for short, is a Southern New Jersey boy who relocated to Costa Rica nearly a decade ago. He is now the Executive Chef & Owner of Soma Chef Services, in addition to being a Partner in La Buena Paleta (which produces coconut…
Georges Lefebvre in his car

#065 – Georges Lefebvre: Creating Hacienda Okhra, the Community & Farm of the Future | Forking Around Costa Rica

Georges Lefebvre Georges Lefebvre is the magnanimous madman who created Hacienda Okhra, a concept community and farm located in the breathtaking hills of Las Delicias, just above the town of Mal Pais on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. Although it started as a home for…
Rima Danielle Jomaa - the Jungle Girl

#064 – Rima Danielle Jomaa: The Jungle Girl & The Vegan Lifestyle | Forking Around Costa Rica

Rima Danielle Jomaa, AKA Rima the Jungle Girl Today our guest leads us in a toast to meeting new people, the beautiful jungle atmosphere, and being able to do what we love and connect with people. It was the perfect toast to kick off my very first conversation with Rima…
Ryan Bickle giving a thumbs up

#063 – Ryan Bickle: Beers & Butterflies | Forking Around Costa Rica

Ryan Bickle of  Butterfly Brewing Company I had quite the adventure with Ryan Bickle, the owner and master brewer of Butterfly Brewing Company, a “hill-top jungle-brewery-butterfly-garden by the sea.” The garden and nanobrewery are located in Montezuma, Costa Rica, on the southern tip of the peninsula. The beers are just…