#092 – Chelsea Poling: Natural Tools to Bring Out the Wisdom Within

  • November 27, 2018


Chelsea Poling is a certified Reiki Level I Practitioner, natural beauty authority and wellness expert, and the founder Rose Botanica, a natural online health and wellness boutique. Formerly employed by NASA and USAID, Chelsea has worked on behalf of the U.S. government to do everything from procuring parts for the shuttle program to promoting women’s rights abroad – and in the process, she learned some secrets about natural wellness and beauty.


Now Chelsea’s mission is to seek out natural, organic beauty products and share these secrets with the world. Today, Chelsea shares some of this little-known intel with us, digging into the bountiful tools that the planet offers to improve our health. You’ll learn a lot about self-care, a little about adaptogens, and what you can do to increase your inner glow.


“May we listen to our bodies and wholeheartedly trust our bodies’ guidance to help us feel better, look better, and become better people.” –Chelsea Poling


We also discuss:

  • Forking Around Costa Rica Part 2 is coming!
  • How Chelsea’s journey brought her from NASA to Rose Botanica
  • Developing a self-care routine that changed the course of her life
  • How becoming a yoga teacher pushed Chelsea to start her business
  • Chelsea’s skin care routine & mantra (just check out this girl’s skin – you’ll want to learn about it)
  • Getting your prescription for self-care
  • What exactly an adaptogen is & how you can benefit from them
  • Why I don’t wear sunscreen, why I should, & what a natural alternative to the chemical-filled stuff in most stores
  • Chelsea’s experience with crystals and how she sources them
  • You don’t need to buy any products to practice natural self-care




Chelsea Poling’s Bio:

Meet Chelsea Poling – certified Reiki Level I Practitioner and yoga instructor, and the founder Rose Botanica, a natural online health and wellness boutique. Founded in 2017, Rose Botanica features a wide variety of products such as adaptogens, crystals, skincare lines, makeup, body care and more. The boutique carries a plethora of innovative brands, harmonizing nature and science to offer non- toxic, cruelty-free products without sacrificing effectiveness. Rose Botanica also offers its own line of face rollers and crystals to customers.


Where did Poling get her start? Originally from Melbourne Beach, Florida, Poling graduated from the University of Central Florida with a business degree, and joined the team at NASA. She then went on to work for the United States Agency for International Development. There, she had the opportunity to live in Sri Lanka and fight for the advancement of women’s rights. Through her travels she began to discover many the secrets of natural wellness and beauty. Chelsea’s goal is to redefine self-care and raise awareness about the power of self-love.


During an all-time low in her life, she knew she had to reevaluate her current situation. Through extensive therapy, Chelsea learned techniques to increase her self-respect and learned how to love herself again. Following a journey of self-discovery, she experienced the transformative power of self- care. Skincare and body-care products became self-care and healing tools, and after months of following new daily rituals, Chelsea found herself empowered, and made the move from the East Coast to Santa Monica, CA.


In her spare time Chelsea enjoys hosting friends and family in her Santa Monica residence with her cat Piper. She is also a surfer, catching waves all over the world – from Sri Lanka, to the Maldives, Hawaii, Florida, New Jersey, and of course, California.

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