A show about the wonderful world of food and beverages and the incredible people who grow, craft, brew, cook, serve and create within it.
I am your host Debi Saltzberg and every week I speak with everyone from farmers to franchisers, as well as restaurateurs, chefs, winemakers, brewers, and anyone else who plays a pivotal part in keeping the food and beverage industry beautiful, amazing, more than a little crazy, and always unique.

Debi Saltzberg, A Big Forking Fan of All Things Food

Debi’s passion for food, fun, and adventure have taken her across the country from her hometown of Boston to the sunny shores of Southern California, where she’s managed some of the area’s top restaurants, and further still to the hills of Tuscany, where she’s explored biodynamic farming.

Debi is an active member of the podcast community, both online in different social media groups and offline at national events like Podcast Movement. When not serving up delicious audio snacks on Just Forking Around, Debi can be found volunteering at local farms, walking her dog down the Venice Boardwalk, and searching out the next big thing in the food and beverage industry.