#087 – Judging the San Diego Mac n’ Cheese Fest | Friday Forkisode

  • November 2, 2018

Two award-winning top chefs, a news station producer, a fine-palated foodie, and a podcast host sit down at a table together – no, this isn’t the first line of a very obscure bar joke, this is what happened at the 4th annual San Diego Mac ‘n Cheese Fest!

I had the honor of joining the expert panel of judges at the San Diego Mac & Cheese Fest, and I had a forking blast helping decide the winner of the Best Gourmet Mac n’ Cheese in San Diego. I can’t reveal everything that went down behind the scenes, but I can share a few judge’s secrets with all of you.



So who won this cheesy, covetous prize? You’ll have to listen to find out, but I will tell you a few of my favorites:


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I love the world of food and beverage, everything about it, it’s soo damn sexy! Every time we eat and drink it ignites us sensually…the look, texture, taste, smell, sound all in a unique combination, encapsulating a moment in time. The act of sharing a meal with friends, chatting, eating, and drinking together is so forking perfect. It is a feeling that echoes a sense that All Is Good! Very, Very good!

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