#082 – Ting Feng: Kula Ai & the Future of Agriculture

  Did you know we’re living in the future?   It became crystal clear for me during this conversation with Ting Feng, CEO & co-founder of Kula Ai & the Kulafoods App. Kula Ai is an Australian-based Agriculture tech startup that's creating sustainable tech to find new ways to feed…

#081 – Malibu Farm Cafe | Friday Forkisode

Malibu Farm Cafe From the moment you park to dine at the Malibu Farm Pier Cafe, you get the Malibu vibe: fresh, old, new, exciting, chill, and dreamy... and it only gets better from there. After a short stroll, you’re in the restaurant and it feels like Massachusetts has drifted…

#080 – Matthew Mabel: Helping Restaurateurs Be as Good to Themselves as They are to Their Customers

  Matthew Mabel is the president and organizational development team leader of Surrender, a boutique restaurant consulting firm that helps restaurateurs run successful businesses and live happy lives.   “Why aren’t restaurateurs as good to themselves as they are to their guests?” –Matthew Mabel   If you’d ask Matthew what…

#079 – Patrick Smith: What’s Your Food Tribe?

  Today we’re chatting with a true food pioneer, Patrick Smith, who is on a crusade to make wellness a sustainable, scalable business model that celebrates local flavors, local chefs, local ingredients, and small carbon footprints – one meal at a time.   “Helping people make the connection between food…

#078 – Little Prince | Friday Forkisode

Little Prince Welcome to the very first forkisode! These tasty little audio snacks will be released every other Friday, celebrating my favorite restaurants in the LA area with a story. The star of today’s story is Little Prince, Ari Taymor's pop-up turned permanent restaurant. The setting is Main Street, Santa Monica. The…

#077 – Daphne Maxwell Reid: Soulful Food, Open Doors, & Fresh Prince

  I am so excited to be kicking off season two with an absolutely delightful guest: Daphne Maxwell Reid – AKA Aunt Vivian from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And as you’ll learn in this episode, Daphne is so much more than just Aunt Viv.   But before I get…
Debi Saltzberg

#076 – A New Beginning: The End of Season 1

Season 1 of Just Forking Around Today I want to share a very special toast with all of you, so let’s raise our glasses to celebrate Season 1 of Just Forking Around. We’ve spent 75 episodes talking to some of the incredible people who grow, craft, brew, serve, and create…
Ahmed Abouelenein in a suit and tie

#075 – Ahmed Abouelenein: How The Halal Guys Brought Halal (and the White Sauce!) to America

Ahmed Abouelenein In 1990, you had to go out to Queens if you wanted a Halal meal in New York City. So the three original Halal Guys – Muhammed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka, and Abdelbaset Elsayed – opened up a food cart for all of the hungry taxi drivers. Today, that…
Shannon O’Donnell Smiling in a green shirt

#074 – Shannon O’Donnell: Using Travel as a Force for Good

Shannon O'Donnell Motivation, inspiration, sweet scenery: this episode has it all! And that’s because we’re talking to Shannon O'Donnell, a responsible tourism advocate who was named a National Geographic Traveler of the Year for her work helping travelers use grassroots tourism as a force for good. Shannan accomplishes this through Grassroots Volunteering, the world’s…
Mike Kelly Profile Photo

#073 – Mike Kelly: Knowing When to Pivot & Embracing the Right Opportunities

Mike Kelly Mike Kelly is the creator of Papa Bear’s Nut Butter (and the titular Papa Bear). He started the business for a simple reason: he loves nut butter! It’s something for the healthy people out there who appreciate life’s indulgences. But here’s a funny little thing about this conversation…