#082 – Ting Feng: Kula Ai & the Future of Agriculture

  • October 9, 2018


Did you know we’re living in the future?


It became crystal clear for me during this conversation with Ting Feng, CEO & co-founder of Kula Ai & the Kulafoods App. Kula Ai is an Australian-based Agriculture tech startup that’s creating sustainable tech to find new ways to feed the world.


“We want to find a new way to feed the world.” –Ting Feng


They are using two technology-driven approaches to accomplish this forking huge task: the @Kulafoods app that connects users to all of the sustainable and healthy food vendors in their community and the soon-to-be-launched @KulaHarvest, a series of AI-powered urban farming hardware.


All I can say is wow. The future is now, and I’m all for it!


“My passion has always been to help hardworking members of communities, like the food producers, to have a platform, to have a voice, and to showcase their craft so that it’s equally as competitive as those selling in supermarkets” –Ting Feng


We also discuss:

  • Why they chose the name ‘Kula Ai’ & how the company came to be
  • Aspiring to create the world’s first sustainable food grid
  • How the Kulafoods app works
  • Building healthy communities, one city at a time
  • Launching in LA and NYC in the near future
  • Growing up on an organic farm
  • How the way we eat affects everything else we do
  • Do we want to eat ingredients or chemicals?
  • Urban agriculture is the future
  • The future of Kula
  • What it was like at Ting’s dinner table growing up




Ting Feng’s Bio:

CEO & Co-founder of Kula Ai & Kulafoods App – An Australian based Agriculture tech startup that’s creating innovative technologies to help communities discover healthy food vendors nearby. Prior to Kula, Ting has over 13 years experience in business development. Ting is also a meditation yin yoga teacher who loves to cook and has her own edible garden at home. 


Kula AI is an Australia based startup. We are creating a new way to feed the world through our innovative technologies. Our @Kulafoods marketplace app helps you discover healthy food nearby from farm fresh to restaurant meals. We are also launching @KulaHarvest a series of A.I-driven urban farming home products that enable you to grow organic food effortlessly and affordably.


The word “Kula” means community in the Sanskrit language and we believe the access to nutritious food should be a basic human right. In the pipeline, we are also creating our not-for-profit Kula Foundation where we hope to empower those in low economic communities around the world to grow and sell their own food through our technologies. 

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