#084 – | Friday Forkisode

  • October 19, 2018

Zinqué Cafe

Zinqué cafe exudes LA cool: almost-famous and striving youngs ambitiously scribing their tales to pitch mixed with mature, seasoned, well-dressed dudes and very attractive women. It’s a melting pot of all who have made it and those who are striving to arrive. The vibe is far from pretentious – it’s just cool.

Although it’s a French-inspired restaurant, I’m greeted by a handsome man with kind eyes and a British accent. Sitting at a four-top, I appropriately fill it with four plates of forking delicious food.



Debi’s order at Zinqué:

  • St André Figuière, Le St-André, Provence ’16
  • Smoked Salmon Tartine with crème fraîche, egg, and dill on Poilâne bread + salt & vinegar chips
  • Le Bowl: avo, tom, arugula, comte, cilantro, sriracha, and chicken on cauliflower rice
  • Prawn taco… with potato chips!
  • Grilled Whole Branzino with a side of chimichurri


Are you ready for an adventure?

Because I want to show you a side of the LA food scene that most people will never get to see! When you join me for a LA Food Adventure, we will visit 6 restaurants to fill your belly, taste some drinks, socialize with some incredibly cool people, and get behind-the-scenes access that others aren’t privy to.


You can learn more and reserve your spot at lafoodadventures.com.



  • Make a reservation for Zinqué at lezinque.com
  • How many dropping silverware were you able to identify? Let me know in an email & I’ll enter your name into a t-shirt raffle giveaway: dsalty00@gmail.com

I love the world of food and beverage, everything about it, it’s soo damn sexy! Every time we eat and drink it ignites us sensually…the look, texture, taste, smell, sound all in a unique combination, encapsulating a moment in time. The act of sharing a meal with friends, chatting, eating, and drinking together is so forking perfect. It is a feeling that echoes a sense that All Is Good! Very, Very good!

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