Wendy Tuttle Headshot

#006 Sailing Into the Future of Food Service with Wendy Tuttle

Wendy Tuttle Born to British parents, Wendy Tuttle grew up in Southern California. Her 17-year career in the hospitality industry began at the Rusty Pelican, where she worked while completing her bachelor’s degree at California State University at Fullerton. Click To Tweet After graduation…
Carolyn Kates buying flowers

#005 From Hospice to Whole Foods with Carolyn Kates

Carolyn Kates You have the power to change whatever situation you are in right now, by just changing how you think about it. - Carolyn Kates Debi visits with Carolyn Kates, a Delaware native who has spent a decade or more in San Diego. After more than 10 years with…
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#004 Piggies, Bourbon and Beer with Sara Stroud

Sara Stroud Debi catches up with Sara Stroud, co-owner of Carnitas Snack Shack in San Diego. In this episode, they discuss whether you can teach hospitality, bosses good and bad, wages and tips in the restaurant business and the cutest pig in San Diego. [bctt tweet="“A toast to the restaurant…
Jenny Goycochea in the kitchen

#003 Tattoos and the Tasting Room with Jenny Goycochea

Jenny Goycochea Jenny Goycochea is Debi’s guest for this episode of The Just Forking Around Podcast. Jenny is Chef de Cuisine at Tasting Room Del Mar and has competed THREE times on Cutthroat Kitchen. Debi and Jenny discuss tattoos, reality tv, becoming a chef and how mothers who always want what’s…
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#002 Dreaming Big with Restauranteur Marie Petulla

Marie Petulla Marie Petulla, owner of Union Pasadena and Knead and Co. joins Debi to discuss her rise to restauranteur and the highs and lows and running restaurants in LA. You can find more about her restaurants at the links below or if you’d like to contact Marie directly shoot…
Brooke Rewa by a lemon tree

#001 Becoming a Health Resource with Renew Juicery’s Brooke Rewa

Brooke Rewa Brooke Rewa, owner and founder of Renew Juicery and now Made with Love Wellness,  joins Debi to discuss how following her own interests and answering her own questions about health and nutrition led her to create a business with multiple product lines and a purpose and passion for helping…