#007 Rock and Roll and Wine with Spencer Daley

  • April 25, 2017
Spencer Daley drinking wine on a boat

Spencer Daley

Spencer Daley, wine-maker extraordinaire becomes our first male guest on Just Forking Around when he came aboard our boat in Marina Del Rey to talk all things wine with Debi. From a taste of cheap wine snuck at the dinner table with his father, to growing a vineyard and creating his first label in the backyard, Spencer Daley is a man who follows his passions. While someone in their mid 20’s would generally be just starting their journey in viticulture, Spencer was literally raised in it.

“To actually pop that bottle, taste the wine, see what we did, what we could change…it was really just me and my dad trying it together and that was the best part.” - Spencer Daley Click To Tweet

“If you can manage your fruit…all the way from dormancy ’til it’s time to pick. And then you take that same fruit you were managing and produce your own wine with it, that’s the most beneficial. One of the biggest parts of wine…is farming.”

While Spencer “still” doesn’t own his own vineyard, that’s the goal for this young winemaker and many others like him. In the interim, he took the initiative in 2013 to start his first solo label, using grapes he’d managed personally in the Santa Ynez valley, releasing publicly in 2015 with a total of four varieties over three vintages. Follow this young artist’s journey and be ahead of the curve when he’s on top of the wine world.

“All the wine you’re tasting, as long as it’s not two buck chuck, it’s expressing the wine-maker and it’s a part of me. It’s the same thing as writing a song, in my opinion.” - Spencer Daley Click To Tweet

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