Nicole Landers finding the perfect plant

#019: Nicole Landers: Feeding Your Soul with Community Healing Gardens

Nicole Landers This week's guest, Nicole Landers (aka The Eco Urbanist), is a real inspiration to so, so many people. She's the founder of Community Healing Gardens (CHG), with a mission to foster community and to educate people on the importance of growing food, through community gardening. Their goal is…
Chris Luecke behind the mic

#018 Chris Luecke: Raising a Glass to the Pubcast Worldwide

Chris Luecke This world was meant to be explored. Wouldn’t you agree? There is something about the food we eat, the drinks we drink, and the places we go to get them that speaks loudly to the human experience. What better place to have a conversation about life and passion…
Linda Mark at the Farmer's Market

#017 Linda Mark: The Farmer’s Market Fairy You Wish You Had

Linda Mark What could be better than a long, leisurely stroll through one of California’s best Farmer’s Markets? Bursting with color, life, and the best produce of the season, the Farmer’s Market is the right place to buy local and fresh food fit for your finest dishes. However…finding exactly what you want…
Kelly Roach

#016 Kelly Roach: Think Big, Act Big, Chase Your Dreams

Kelly Roach This week, we raise a glass to big dreams and even bigger ideas toward reaching those dreams! Where are your dreams today? Do you feel stuck behind a desk? Or maybe you want to follow your dreams, but don’t even know where to begin? For so many of…
Eric Cacciatore standing in front of a piano

#015 Tapping into Your Unstoppable Power with Eric Cacciatore of Restaurant Unstoppable

Eric Cacciatore Restaurants are powerful things. They are places we gather and enjoy one another’s company. We can savor new foods and relive memories through favorite dishes. They can teach us how to think, how to eat, and how to dream. The people who run them are an unstoppable power…
Liz Josefsberg profile photo

#014 How to Eat the Apple, NOT the Candy Bar with Liz Josefsberg

Liz Josefsberg In today’s food-obsessed world, you’re probably getting a lot of mixed signals. On one hand, advertisers encourage you to eat what you want whenever you want it. On the other, trainers and health gurus post unbelievable Before-and-After Pictures to inspire a strict regimen of health and fitness. You know an…
Curtis Stone in the greenhouse

#013 Growing Food for Profit on Other People’s Land with Curtis Stone, The Urban Farmer

Curtis Stone, The Urban Farmer You're really in for a treat with today's episode! Debi's featured guest, Curtis Stone (aka The Urban Farmer), has gone from struggling musician, funding his crummy band by being a tree planter, to pedaling down the coast and having a revelation that became his inspiration…
Alice Bamford and Ann riding a horse

#012 Shooting the Sh*t at One Gun Ranch with Alice Bamford

Alice Bamford Today's guest is Alice Bamford, who together with, Ann Eysenring, authored the recently released One Gun Ranch Biodynamic Cookbook, which Debi insists is actually beyond a cookbook! It has Biodynamic recipes and explains how to live a really vibrant life. It's a fantastic book and it's doing really…
Mercy Baron, AKA the Baroness of Barbecue, a Certified Barbecue Judge for the Kansas City Barbecue Society and host of the new Hand to Mouth Podcast

#011 Smoke, Char and a Dry Rub with The Baroness of BBQ, Mercy Baron

Mercy Baron Today's guest is the passionate host of a podcast with a forking great name - All Forked Up. She is the Baroness of Barbeque, Mercy Baron, a Certified Barbecue Judge, by the Kansas City Barbecue Society. Listen in to find out more about this multi-talented powerhouse connector in the Food and…
Giuliano Hazan in the kitchen

#010 Creating Memorable Moments with Italian Food with Giuliano Hazan

Giuliano Hazan Have you ever wondered what really makes a dish Italian? Today's guest, Giuliano Hazan, the son of Marcella Hazan, the Godmother of Italian cooking, defines this for you, on the show today. Listen in as he shares his story and his passion, and also some interesting titbits. Giuliano Hazan is a world-renowned chef,…