#016 Kelly Roach: Think Big, Act Big, Chase Your Dreams

  • June 27, 2017
Kelly Roach

Kelly Roach

This week, we raise a glass to big dreams and even bigger ideas toward reaching those dreams! Where are your dreams today? Do you feel stuck behind a desk? Or maybe you want to follow your dreams, but don’t even know where to begin? For so many of us, we can think big but don’t know the steps to take to act big. This week, we sit down with Kelly Roach, host of Unstoppable Success Radio and CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching. Kelly has walked a unique path to her dreams that stems from her deep compassion for humanity. After first starting out as an NFL cheerleader and then climbing high and fast in the corporate world, Kelly noticed that she wanted more out of life than a high profile career. She discovered within herself core values where she defined success and determined to help others find core values of their own.

“Starting and growing your own business challenges you in ways nothing ever does.” - Kelly Roach Click To Tweet

Listen this week as Kelly imparts her wisdom and helpful strategies to help you chase your dreams.

  • Kelly shares her journey through life’s twists and turns, how success wasn’t what she thought it would be.
  • Kelly shares her 3 Core Values
  • What was it that Kelly did so well? She can help people grow their business!
  • Guiding Principles for coaching: perspective through gratitude, courage, worthiness
  • How to gain mastery when you begin from very little.
  • Worthiness is a universal struggle. Learn how Kelly encourages her clients to feel worthy.
  • Dreams are there for a reason.
  • What are Kelly’s Rituals and Mantras to help you achieve your dreams?
  • Focus on congruency as a core commitment to yourself.
  • Kelly shows us just how to work towards our goals.


Kelly’s Website: www.kellyroachcoaching.com/

Get Kelly’s Free Automation Secrets: text “automatereport” to 44222

Kelly’s Podcast

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