#011 Smoke, Char and a Dry Rub with The Baroness of BBQ, Mercy Baron

  • May 23, 2017
Mercy Baron, AKA the Baroness of Barbecue, a Certified Barbecue Judge for the Kansas City Barbecue Society and host of the new Hand to Mouth Podcast

Mercy Baron

Today’s guest is the passionate host of a podcast with a forking great name – All Forked Up. She is the Baroness of Barbeque, Mercy Baron, a Certified Barbecue Judge, by the Kansas City Barbecue Society. Listen in to find out more about this multi-talented powerhouse connector in the Food and Beverage Industry.

Mercy was born in New York, moved to LA a short while later and then moved to The Valley. Being the child of hippy parents, she excelled in the arts, with dance in particular. She was in toe shoes by the age of six, but hung up her dancing shoes and moved on after puberty, to follow in her dad’s rock star footsteps and become a drummer. She had a classic Hollywood upbringing- creative with lots of freedom. She paused her successful days of drumming to get married and have a baby after high school and then she returned to school and got a BA in Anthropology. Along the way, she also dabbled in modeling, acting, travel blogging and then moved on to the Food and Beverage Industry in 2008. Listen in and find out how mastering high levels of talent with both sides of her brain has influenced Mercy’s present-day endeavors.

Today, Mercy Baron and Debi discuss:

  • How she decided to take the Barbecue Judge Certification in 2012.
  • What it looks like, to be a judge at a Barbecue Competition.
  • The different categories that are judged.
  • Why the judges really need to pace themselves.
  • What she’s learned to appreciate, as a judge.
  • The different styles of barbecue.
  • The vast number of really amazing barbecue restaurants in San Diego.
  • How she works as a food critic.
  • Michael Gardiner, a prolific writer who does San Diego Food Travel.com (www.sdfoodtravel.com )
  • Mercy Baron is now the proud media sponsor for the Delmar Barbecue Champions State Championship, that started last year.
  • Mercy is on track this year to get her Master’s Certification.
  • Her own, secret food group on Youtube.
  • Barbecue sauce and ‘falling off the bone’ in competitions.
  • Her idol, Dr. Barbecue – Ray Lampe, a really cool, down to earth guy.
  • Mercy’s favorite Restaurants in San Diego.
  • Her Steampunk way of dressing.
  • Mercy’s interesting interests and why she re-invents herself every couple of years.
  • What makes Mercy’s podcast great.
  • Mercy’s really interesting life.


Mercy’s website: BaronsBBQbeat.com

Follow Debi on Instagram: @forkingpodcast

All Forked Up Podcast is available on iTunes

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The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

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