#014 How to Eat the Apple, NOT the Candy Bar with Liz Josefsberg

  • June 13, 2017
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Liz Josefsberg

In today’s food-obsessed world, you’re probably getting a lot of mixed signals. On one hand, advertisers encourage you to eat what you want whenever you want it. On the other, trainers and health gurus post unbelievable Before-and-After Pictures to inspire a strict regimen of health and fitness. You know an apple is healthier than a candy bar, but with all the noise surrounding how we eat and exercise, how are you expected to make the right choices about eating? It turns out it’s all in your behavior! Enter Liz Josefsberg.

Liz Josefsberg has a history of transforming people’s lives as a weight loss coach.  If you are familiar with Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, Charles Barkley, or Katie Couric, then you have seen some of Liz’s work.  She has appeared on Network TV Shows such as the Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, and The Dr. Oz Show (to name just a few).

Liz turned to private health and wellness coaching as a way to transform the way that people think about the food they eat and the choices they make every day. Liz knows that we have some ingrained habits around food, and she wants to teach you how to change those habits into positive ones. Small changes give way to big changes, and that’s what is really important, isn’t it?

Listen this week if you are ready to make a small change in how you think about food, and get inspired by some of Liz’s celebrity clients and unique perspective on how our bodies and food meet.

  • Liz shares her journey working with Weight Watchers.
  • How Liz’s history on Broadway made her the perfect celebrity nutrition coach.
  • The science of weight loss: Liz shares how breath tests, futuristic scales, and genetics are paving the way through innovation.
  • Identify some of your habits and behaviors that can lead to weight gain.
  • Break your perception of the scale, and about weight loss progress in general!
  • How practicing gratitude can change not just your brain chemistry, but your weight loss journey!
  • Memorable moments from Celebrity transformations.
  • See how Katie Couric stocks her fridge!
  • Hear enticing details of Liz’s upcoming health and wellness retreat to Tuscany.


Liz’s Website – sign up for Liz’s email list to get notified with her book Target 100 comes out in December!

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