#019: Nicole Landers: Feeding Your Soul with Community Healing Gardens

  • July 18, 2017
Nicole Landers finding the perfect plant

Nicole Landers

This week’s guest, Nicole Landers (aka The Eco Urbanist), is a real inspiration to so, so many people. She’s the founder of Community Healing Gardens (CHG), with a mission to foster community and to educate people on the importance of growing food, through community gardening. Their goal is to create sustainable communities which flourish, through the building of Urban Garden Programs with the local communities, the schools and also Community centers, throughout L.A. Listen in as Nicole explains how CHG goes about executing these fantastic programs to really help to grow America, in a green way.

Today we dig into Nicole’s deep commitment to transforming people’s lives with Urban Gardening and we also discuss the kind of impact that CHG has had on the local communities, in just less than two years. Nicole, who’s motto is ‘All things grow with love’ talks about her really awesome vision for the future of the USA and also for the rest of the world! Listen in now, to find out more about Nicole, CHG and their really awesome community projects.

“We can complain, or we can mobilize.” - Nicole Landers, Community Healing Gardens Click To Tweet

Show Highlights:

  • The kinds of business endeavors that have brought Nicole to this point.
  • This really huge opportunity for the nation to take fifty steps forward, as individuals growing community. This is a wake-up call to America and the world!
  • Their social experiment in Venice which is now a fully fledged Non-Profit- building eighty raised food-growing boxes, on the streets and not behind a gate.
  • Community is about three things: 1)Knowing the people. 2) Knowing what the community’s needs are. 3) Taking action based on knowing the people, the community’s needs and creating a vision of what you see.
  • Bread and Roses, the secret restaurant in Venice, run by the St Joseph’s Centre, who offer Vocational Training Programs.
  • The Circular Economy, which is created by CHG.
  • The subsidized after school program for kids.
  • Empowering the youth with skill sets.
  • Changing hearts and lives, by putting hands in the soil.
  • Elevating communities with hand ups, rather than hand outs.
  • What you can be doing in your community.
  • Making water from air!
  • The Greener Side Of Venice trip you can take with Air B&B. ( Go to The Los Angeles Experience on the Air B&B website, under the Social Impact category.)


Nicole’s email: info@communityhealinggardens.org

You can also find Community Healing Gardens on Facebook and on Instagram

You can partner with CHG to Adopt a Box:

Community Healing Gardens Adopt-A-Box Flyer

Are you going to be in Venice Beach? Sign up for Nicole’s Air BnB Experience and learn about the Community Healing Gardens first hand!

Come join Community Healing Gardens + Airbnb for a one of a kind seed to table dinner experience on Saturday evening, July 29th.  Inspired by last summer when we had our very first summer night at Plant Food and Wine, in Venice.

Meet some of the most extraordinary + talented people in your community as we celebrate, learn and support the work we do with at risk youth through our urban gardening programs from Venice to Watts.
Better Days Seed to Fork Demo + Dinner @ the Gourmandise School in Santa Monica

RSVP as seats are limited  http://abnb.me/EVmg/PZgJCrjwzE 

Date: July 29th 
Time: 6:30pm – 10:00pm



Nicole recommends Grant’s The Yoga Collective, in Venice.

SkySource.org – solving the world’s water problem one community at a time

Bread and Roses Cafe in Venice – it’s a secret restaurant doing amazing work! Watch this video below to learn more about them:

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