#012 Shooting the Sh*t at One Gun Ranch with Alice Bamford

  • May 30, 2017
Alice Bamford and Ann riding a horse

Alice Bamford

Today’s guest is Alice Bamford, who together with, Ann Eysenring, authored the recently released One Gun Ranch Biodynamic Cookbook, which Debi insists is actually beyond a cookbook! It has Biodynamic recipes and explains how to live a really vibrant life. It’s a fantastic book and it’s doing really well, selling to top chefs.  Listen in to find out more about Alice’s awesome book and her wonderful, Biodynamic Ranch.

One Gun Ranch is a magical, magical place, which is located in Malibu. Debi’s been volunteering there, at least once a week, for the last ten months or so, as she’s a firm believer in Biodynamics and she’s a follower of the Biodynamic Principles in gardening. Debi loves the Ranch for many reasons- the drive up the mountains with the hairpin turns, the gardens, and being greeted by wandering free animals. There are pigs, alpacas, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, dogs and Debi’s favorite little guy, Cesar, who doesn’t seem know that he’s a pig!

Alice Bamford’s story is really quite amazing. She was born to Lady Anne and Sir Bamford, in England and she grew up around organic gardening principles. Today, Alice shares the single event that caused her mom much concern around the time that she was born. This was why they ended up moving their farm and why they started to practice organic principles with all the products that they grew and raised. You can hear the passion in Alice’s voice, as she speaks about the land and the animals! Listen in now and learn from Alice how all the vegetables on the land have a purpose, to create this closed loop ecosystem and form the foundation for Biodynamics.

We’d like to thank the participants of the “Name That Herb Competition” amongst the One Gun Ranch Farmers:
Shelby Thibodeaux – Farm Manager
Danielle Carson – Farmer
Caleb Grant – Farmer
Michelle – Volunteer – what a way to spend a first day!

Show Highlights:

  • Where she was born and how she grew up on a working farm.
  • What it was that caused her mom to move their farm.
  • The importance for her, her mom and her partner, to be pesticide free.
  • The really toxic effects of Roundup and that it has just been stopped in Malibu.
  • Her family history, through many generations, of working the land and working with horses, with her grandfather eventually inventing the Backhoe Loader.
  • Where the magic of One Gun Ranch, which Alice calls A Cathedral Of Nature, comes from.
  • Where the name, One Gun Ranch, comes from.
  • That the first thing she did after acquiring the land, was to have the local Indian Tribe come and bless it. They did a twelve-hour long ceremony and put up the first tepee on the land.
  • Her primary intention of giving back to the land.
  • The kinds of crops that they grow on the Ranch and what led Alice to find out about the soil and about biodynamics.
  • What Alice loves about their Biodynamic Compost Program.
  • The cycles of the Biodynamic Calendar.
  • The joys of eating seasonally.
  • Alice’s explanation of Biodynamics, in a nutshell, and how it goes beyond organic farming and allows the vegetables to last so much longer.
  • How she and Ann got together and bonded through their common passion for organic gardening.
  • Alice’s tips for people wanting to start out with organic, pest free Biodynamic gardening.
  • Ways to get in sync with the rhythms of nature.
  • Why the soil on the Ranch is almost good enough to eat!
  • Rotating the crops in their raised beds.
  • Alice’s favorite recipe- Chocolate Beet Brownies.
  • That she loves nose to tail and tip to stalk eating.
  • That the recipes in her book are really good for your health.
  • Her favorite herbs.
  • How to know when to harvest ginger.
  • Eating in harmony with what is readily available.
  • Her book, which is printed on recycled paper, and the idea behind it.
  • Her Guru, Farmer Jack, the Compost Maestro.
  • The fabulous ‘rescue’ animals on the Ranch.

Get the Cookbook Now!

More about One Gun Ranch Cookbook:

This book will change your life forever. With easy, approachable steps, One Gun Ranch will have you eating better, exercising with more pleasure, and feeling healthier in just weeks. Inspired by the beautiful setting and seasons of Malibu, this is a diet that will give you actionable steps for choosing the healthiest foods for you—and the planet—growing your own vegetables (even if you live in an apartment), establishing a fun, energizing exercise routine, and embracing a holistic approach to improving your mind and body.

Authors Alice Bamford and Ann Eysenring, have perfected the biodynamic lifestyle at their farm One Gun Ranch, a paradise of verdant green vegetables, running dogs and horses, perched high above the Pacific Ocean. With thoughtful, careful growing, they have created a dreamland of delicious, healthy food with an approach that goes beyond just organic, to grow, plant, and harvest one’s food based on the cycles of the moon and the natural elements, resulting in the healthiest and tastiest food possible.

For many generations leading farmers around the world have been practicing these same principles, but they have never quite reached the mainstream. Now, thanks to the easy-to-use and approachable style of this book, anyone will be able to take these same ideas and apply it to their own garden and diet. They will also learn how to exercise, meditate, and shape their diet along with the principles of a biodynamic life. This book will bring the biodynamic lifestyle into the mainstream.

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