#010 Creating Memorable Moments with Italian Food with Giuliano Hazan

  • May 16, 2017
Giuliano Hazan in the kitchen

Giuliano Hazan

Have you ever wondered what really makes a dish Italian? Today’s guest, Giuliano Hazan, the son of Marcella Hazanthe Godmother of Italian cooking, defines this for you, on the show today. Listen in as he shares his story and his passion, and also some interesting titbits.

Giuliano Hazan is a world-renowned chef, author, teacher and entrepreneur, with an exceptional ability to create delicious meals, using only a few ingredients. His cooking has been influenced to some extent by his iconic mother, however, after embracing the experience and the knowledge that was given to him, Giuliano has forged his own, truly remarkable path.

Giuliano has authored five cookbooks, with the first one, The Classic Pasta Cookbook, having been nominated for a coveted James Beard Award. In 2007, the International Association of Culinary Professionals named him Cooking Teacher Of The Year. He has also created a cooking school in Italy, where he offers a week long experience of cooking, exploring and learning about Italian culture. Then there’s Giuliano’s Classics, his growing Product Line, which includes classic Italian recipes, prepared under his personal supervision and also some premium foods, imported from the best producers in Italy.

Debi discovered in Giuliano Hazan a passion and a love for creating memorable moments, through sharing meals that transport you through time and place. Listen in now to hear Giuliano’s delicious story.

Join Debi and Giuliano today, as they talk about:

  • Why Giuliano’s family moved From the States to Northern Italy when he was about two years old.
  • His precious years growing up in Italy.
  • Delicious lunches at school, prepared by his mom, yet they meant ridicule from the other kids!
  • Giuliano’s education and interests.
  • His time at Providence.
  • That it all worked out, even though he didn’t start a career in theater.
  • What drives him to cook the way that he does,  saving time and using few ingredients.
  • What makes a dish Italian!
  • All about pasta – making it, storing it and buying it.
  • What’s the best type of pasta to buy, dry, or refrigerated?
  • Ingredients that you should always have in your pantry.
  • Cervia – Giuliano’s favorite salt and some great advice about purchasing good salt.
  • All about Olive Oil – Super important! Which one to use and how long you can keep it.
  • Becoming aware of where the olives in your Olive Oil were really grown.
  • The really special red wine vinegar that Giuliano imports from Italy with his product line.
  • The new product in his line – a very special risotto rice, processed with a pestle and mortar system.
  • All about his wonderful cooking school, in a luxurious Renaissance Villa, Villa della Torre which is surrounded by vineyards.
  • That his cooking school has been designed to cultivate appreciation in the students.
  • His hands on cooking experience at his cooking school.
  • The cruise that’s on the horizon for Giuliano. (Go to www.giulianohazan.com to get details)
  • How he met Marilisa Allegrini, his cooking school partner and a top notch wine producer.
  • His thoughts on the current competitive food networks.
  • Why his mother didn’t want to be called a chef.


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Every Night Italian Cookbook

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