Lindsey Simcik & Krista Williams - hosts of Almost 30

#029 – Lindsey Simcik & Krista Williams of Almost 30: Empowering Women Through Transitions

Lindsey Simcik & Krista Williams of Almost 30 Let’s raise a glass and toast to the creative, excited people that inspire us! Lindsey Simcik and Krista Williams, the Almost 30 Podcast hosts, are two absolutely forking amazing women. On their podcast, they have real, raw, and honest conversations about transitions,…
Andrew Rasizer

#027: Andrew Rasizer – Unique Eats and Attention to Detail at B2 Bistro

Andrew Rasizer Today, I toast great chefs, savvy managers, and fantastic food havens they create together. My guest today is Andrew Rasizer, the General Manager at B2 Bistro in Redbank New Jersey. B2 grew out of a dynamic partnership between Andrew and his Chef, Chez. It is amazing to see…
Jennifer O’Neil photo

#028 – Jennifer O’Neil of Wood & Vine: An Executive Chef at 26-Years-Old

Jennifer O’Neil Today we toast to women – women taking over and stepping up their game, and my guest sets an inspiring example. I am on the boat with the amazingly talented and beautiful Jennifer O’Neil, Executive Chef at Wood & Vine. She shares her absolutely incredible life story, gives…
Marilyn Schlossbach in apron

#026: Marilyn Schlossbach: Creating a Culture of Happiness in Restaurants

Marilyn Schlossbach Smile, and be happy. It sounds like a simple mission to live by, but the life of Marilyn Schlossbach is anything but simple...and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Today, I raise a glass to Marilyn, owner of a diverse fleet of restaurants on the Jersey Shore, self-taught chef,…
Moe Girton behind the bar

#025 – Moe Girton of Gossip Grill: Community Creator for a Cause

Moe Girton This week, I toast the innovators and pioneers in the food world who not only serve amazing food and drinks but also serve their community. Food is such a great thing to rally around, isn’t it? We all have to eat, and we all want to have a…
Lorri Moore of Iron Horse Organics

#024 – Lorri Moore – The Truth About CBD Oil for You and Your Pets

Lorri Moore Today, I want to toast good health and wellness from the inside out. We all know that the foods we put in our body can transform us from within. But what happens when good nutrition is not enough? How can we really manage conditions like chronic pain, Parkinson’s,…
Sean Scott making coffee

#023: Brewing Up Success at Subculture Coffee with Sean Scott

Sean Scott Welcome back to another episode of the “Just Forking Around” Podcast. Today, I would like to raise a toast to Sean Scott, the founder of Subculture Coffee of Southern Florida. I love coffee, and so, it seems, does the rest of the world. Scott doesn’t just love coffee;…
Bret Oliverio at the register

#022: Bret Oliverio – Re-live Your College Glory Days with Sup Dogs Restaurants

Bret Oliverio We all know how hard it is to make it in the restaurant business. It is one of the most rewarding and fun industries, but the work is hard and the hours are long, even for the most seasoned of veterans. This week, I wanted to raise a glass to…
Julia Friedman holding scones from Sconely

#021: Julia Friedman of Sconely: Making Scones Social and Delicious

Julia Friedman Today I’m in downtown L.A. at Crafted Kitchen, a spot where new culinary ideas are born, and innovation happens at every step. It seems like every realm of the food world has been on the cutting edge of innovation. Change is exciting, and innovation is good, but we…
Chris Hill on a park bench

#020: Chris Hill: Fixing Restaurant Challenges to Enjoy Ultimate Success

Chris Hill With the restaurant business changing faster than ever,  and with so much interest generated by TV and food blogs, more people than ever before are being drawn to the food industry. For so many, dreams of running a successful kitchen seem farther and farther away.  Are you feeling discouraged,…