#021: Julia Friedman of Sconely: Making Scones Social and Delicious

  • August 1, 2017
Julia Friedman holding scones from Sconely

Julia Friedman

Today I’m in downtown L.A. at Crafted Kitchen, a spot where new culinary ideas are born, and innovation happens at every step. It seems like every realm of the food world has been on the cutting edge of innovation. Change is exciting, and innovation is good, but we still want the food to taste amazing and still look almost too good to eat. So where does my friend Julia Friedman fit in? She is on the cutting edge of a baked good that has remained much the same for hundreds of years. That’s right: welcome to Sconely, where Scones become social.

Julia Friedman and Sconely itemsThe Sconely team is passionate about bringing healthy food to everyone, regardless of food allergies or preferences. Julia and her team have a Scone for the vegans, gluten intolerant, sugar-watchers, and sweet-seekers. What puts these baked goods on the edge of innovation is the Sconely online ordering system and ordering App. now it is so easy to cater a party or event and ensure that each guest has delicious food they can feel great about eating. I am so excited to share Julia’s journey with you this week!

An entrepreneur, with a passion for food and art, Julia is in search of the perfect scone: a scone that not only tastes heavenly, but also looks out of this world. She comes from a family where food is an expression of love and is the centerpiece of social gatherings. After overcoming cancer nine years ago, she worked to develop healthier recipes that maximize nutrition and flavor.

Julia is the Founder of Sconely.com, which specializes in artisanal sweet and savory gourmet scones for events. Through a menu that addresses personal dietary preferences and a custom ordering system, Sconely updates traditional scones and the experience of eating them. With an emphasis on organic ingredients, Sconely’s entire menu is free of refined sugars and soy.

A former gallery owner, Julia is also the current Founder & CEO of ExchangeWorks, a platform that brings visual artists and the public together through exchanges. She is a graduate of Washington University, St. Louis.

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Show Highlights:

  • Merging technology with the culinary arts.
  • Perfecting the scone for all diets and preferences. They truly are delicious!
  • Delicious, healthy, and built for technology.
  • Sharing experiences while reducing waste.
  • The potential of Sconely Signature.
  • Julia’s food-focused family led to her passion to develop a social food company.
  • Thinking about your health can transform the way you think about food.
  • The story behind “Ishkabibble” and the other exquisite scones.
  • Order scones today on demand.
  • A charitable approach to business in the community.

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