#023: Brewing Up Success at Subculture Coffee with Sean Scott

  • August 15, 2017
Sean Scott making coffee

Sean Scott

Welcome back to another episode of the “Just Forking Around” Podcast. Today, I would like to raise a toast to Sean Scott, the founder of Subculture Coffee of Southern Florida. I love coffee, and so, it seems, does the rest of the world. Scott doesn’t just love coffee; he loves a challenge. Making it big in the coffee industry is certainly full of them! Not only is the industry challenging, but sourcing coffee responsibly and maximizing its full flavor is full of unpredictable variables. How did he manage to find success?

For Sean, coffee is just half of his business. People are Sean’s passion, and that is so evident in the way he talks about Subculture’s mission. Coffee is grounding. It’s safe. Sean knew he had something special where people of all kinds can come and feel safe and connected. I am so excited to share his deep knowledge of coffee itself, along with his passion for people.

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Sean Scott’s Bio: 

Sean Scott is co-founder of Subculture Coffee based in West Palm Beach, FL. His story is one of entrepreneurial perseverance; starting with a small coffee bar in a space share, with only himself working, to now operating two retail locations, 35 employees and a wholesale coffee business. Sean started his career in coffee 8 years ago for one purpose; create soul spaces that were a center for the local community, where connection, hope and communication were fostered. His coffee shops have won numerous awards including coffee shop of the year by New Times Magazine in ’14 & ’15. He is a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University. Sean has been married for 12 years to Natalie.  They have two children.

Are you ready? Brew yourself a cup, and let’s get started!

Show Highlights:

  • The inspiring story of Subculture Coffee.
  • It is important to source coffee well when roasting coffee.
  • What makes “crappy coffee?”
  • The “old school” rules with coffee production.
  • Inherent challenges when opening up the roasting process to seasonal and unpredictable variables.
  • Green beans don’t last forever!
  • Creating an intentional culture within the coffee shops.
  • Boost your Bean IQ!
  • Hear stories of the people that made Subculture worth the work!

Scott Recommends:

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