Jenée Libby of The Edacious Podcast

#048 – Jenée Libby: Let’s Stop Talking About Our Food & Start Connecting Over It

Jenée Libby Jenée Libby is the creator and host of The Edacious Podcast, a show for enthusiasts, chefs, producers, and purveyors, as well as anyone ravenous about food in their region. By fostering connection, she celebrates the bounty that exists not only in her hometown, but throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia…
Raffaele Asquer and Roberto Croci, the managers of Foodiamo

#047 – Foodiamo: LA’s Guide to Italian Food Created by Italians for Food Lovers

Foodiamo Raffaele Asquer and Roberto Croci jointly manage Foodiamo, which leads to an obvious question: What the fork is Foodiamo? Foodiamo is the guide to Italian food created and written by Italians for all Italian food lovers – and a LA foodie’s dream come true! Really, you can think of Foodiamo…
David Pisarra head shot

#046 – David Pisarra: Come Together, Right Now, Over Food

David Pisarra Today we toast to all of the intrepid restaurateurs who are willing to work long hours and have a lifestyle like nobody else! Although our guest, David Pisarra, doesn’t run a restaurant, he does have a unique lifestyle... and he wears a LOT of hats: he is a columnist,…
Mercy Baron, AKA the Baroness of Barbecue, a Certified Barbecue Judge for the Kansas City Barbecue Society and host of the new Hand to Mouth Podcast

#045 – Mercy Baron: Eating Hand to Mouth (in a Good Way)

Mercy Baron Today we’re checking back in with Mercy Baron, AKA the Baroness of Barbecue, a Certified Barbecue Judge for the Kansas City Barbecue Society and host of the new Hand to Mouth Podcast. This episode is sponsored by Ora Organic, my favorite supplement company because they use only organic and sustainable…
Susan Futrell Photo

#044 – Susan Futrell: The Incredible Story Behind Every Apple, Why Sustaining Family Orchards is Essential, & How You Can Help our Food System

Susan Futrell Apples are such a staple food for so many people in the United States – almost everyone has a nostalgic memory of picking apples, baking (and eating!) apple pie, or even drinking a kid’s juicebox full of apple juice. But have you ever wondered about the story behind every bite…
Dr. Janet Orion Headshot

#043 – Dr Janet Orion: DIY Natural Healing & Kinesiology

Dr. Janet Orion Dr. Janet Orion is a Natural Medicine Woman and Healthy Lifestyle Coach who specializes in healing pain through kinesiology, which is the study of the human body’s movement and performance. Anyone can learn how to use kinesiology and muscle testing for their own self-care, health, and wellbeing…
Painting from Bobbi Bennett at Montecito

#042 – Live from The Gallery Montecito w/ Bobbi Bennett: Art, Wine, & Trivia

Bobbi Bennett This episode is a little different than usual. I recorded ‘live’ from the Gallery Montecito a couple of months ago, at an event I co-hosted with Bobbi Bennett. We had a blast, it was PACKED, and we gave away tons of shirts to the JFA contest winners! You’ll…
Katherine Spiers of The Smart Mouth Podcast

#041 – Katherine Spiers: Food Anthropology & The Smart Mouth Podcast

Katherine Spiers This week we have a baller guest for you: Katherine Spiers, Host and Creator of the Smart Mouth Podcast, a food history podcast where she talks to some of her favorite people about their favorite food. This episode is sponsored by Ora Organic, my favorite supplement company because…
Kristian Cosentino: Owner of San Francisco's Best Bars and Restaurants

#040 – Kristian Cosentino: The Positive Mindset Behind Some of San Francisco’s Most Interesting Bars and Restaurants

Kristian Cosentino Today we toast to focusing on and maintaining positivity in everything we do! Kristian Cosentino is the owner of two San Francisco bars, Dirty Water and The Rusted Mule. Dirty Water is a high-end bar and restaurant located in the lobby of Twitter’s HQ, and The Rusted Mule is a cocktail…
Alan Tardi holding Prosecco

#039 – Alan Tardi: All About Prosecco: DOCG, DOC, & More

Alan Tardi It’s December, so it’s the perfect time to talk about Prosecco – and there’s no better person to talk to about this bubbly treat than Alan Tardi (who you may remember from our bonus episode on National Champagne Day). The world of Prosecco isn’t quite as well known…