#040 – Kristian Cosentino: The Positive Mindset Behind Some of San Francisco’s Most Interesting Bars and Restaurants

  • December 12, 2017
Kristian Cosentino: Owner of San Francisco's Best Bars and Restaurants

Kristian Cosentino

Today we toast to focusing on and maintaining positivity in everything we do! Kristian Cosentino is the owner of two San Francisco bars, Dirty Water and The Rusted Mule. Dirty Water is a high-end bar and restaurant located in the lobby of Twitter’s HQ, and The Rusted Mule is a cocktail lounge with a unique steampunk aesthetic. Kristian is also working on a new project, Le Plonc, in which he plans to make wine just as accessible as beer.

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“The people that really love what they’re doing, and focus on that passion, are the ones who succeed. No fear-driven concept should be at play.” –Kristian Cosentino Click To Tweet

Kristian has an incredible mindset, and we kick off our conversation by focusing on the power of positive thinking – and why fear-based concepts (such as “working hard”) are unsustainable. If you can remove fear and maintain love, success is all but assured.

We also discuss:

  • How Kristian got into the food world
  • Why the restaurant is called ‘Dirty Water’
  • Manifesting your desired reality
  • Why fear is a bad motivator
  • Creating The Rusted Mule
  • Keeping a restaurant green
  • Kristians early love of beer, and history with brewing
  • How Le Plonc will bring new varietals of wine to the US, without extra cost
  • Supporting northern CA after the fires


Kristian Cosentino’s Bio:

Kristian Cosentino is the founder of Dirty Water Restaurant & Bar and the Rusted Mule in San Francisco. His accomplishments prior to these succulent beautiful beasts are irrelevant and, although he considers the prior path he’s been on an incredible journey filled with joy and wonderful lessons, the real path is this very moment and what he’s doing now.

The restaurant world is all he’s ever known and he wouldn’t know how to exist without it. It’s because of this that he has devoted his life to creating unique and provocative bars and restaurants that force the competition to take notice. Currently he is working on 4 more restaurant/bars that should be open within the year. He is super jazzed about these openings and would love you all to visit them since they are completely cool and exciting.

Kristian Cosentino has unhealthy love of Bad Religion and collecting vinyl. His goal is to experience the things that he’s watched his servers experience for 30 years, but didn’t have time to do himself. Kristian doesn’t believe it’s hip to be rude or mean to people and has a hard time understanding where this restaurant philosophy came from. Kristian looks forward to sharing a glass with you, provided his liver allows it. Kristian has been living in San Francisco for 17 years with an unnaturally talented pianist and a drag queen, both of whom he loves very much.

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