#041 – Katherine Spiers: Food Anthropology & The Smart Mouth Podcast

  • December 19, 2017
Katherine Spiers of The Smart Mouth Podcast

Katherine Spiers

This week we have a baller guest for you: Katherine Spiers, Host and Creator of the Smart Mouth Podcast, a food history podcast where she talks to some of her favorite people about their favorite food.

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“That’s not just about food… it’s culture!” –Katherine Spiers Click To Tweet

Katherine’s content is fantastic, and she does more than just talk about food – she’s a food anthropologist! Each episode and article digs into how food intersects with history, economics, society, and culture.

We also discuss:

  • The dinner table growing up
  • Buzz words & marketing
  • Working as a journalist
  • Interviewing guests like Gail Simmons, Anthony Bourdain, Jacques Pepin, & Mario Batali
  • Mixology
  • Our favorite places to eat
  • Not judging people for what they like
  • Baking tips
  • What’s next for Katherine


Katherine Spiers’ Bio:

Katherine Spiers is the host of the podcast Smart Mouth and, most recently, former food editor at L.A. Weekly. Her interests include mai tais and dumplings. She’s constantly researching food history for Smart Mouth, and has overall learned that wars change the way we eat (hence all the mai tai drinking.) She started in journalism at the Seattle Times and Reuters when she was in high school, and is constantly fascinated by how the industry is changing.

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