#047 – Foodiamo: LA’s Guide to Italian Food Created by Italians for Food Lovers

  • January 30, 2018
Raffaele Asquer and Roberto Croci, the managers of Foodiamo


Raffaele Asquer and Roberto Croci jointly manage Foodiamo, which leads to an obvious question: What the fork is Foodiamo?

Foodiamo is the guide to Italian food created and written by Italians for all Italian food lovers – and a LA foodie’s dream come true! Really, you can think of Foodiamo as your local Italian friend who always knows the greatest places to eat and just can’t wait to tell you about it.

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“What is the best Italian restaurant? That’s the most difficult question in the world to ask to an Italian!” –Raffaele Asquer Click To Tweet

Together with their correspondents, Raffaele and Roberto review restaurants, do taste tests, interview chefs, cover food & wine events…. and eat pasta. LOTS of pasta. Their readers know where to find the best pasta dishes, stay up-to-date on the top new Italian restaurants, meet talented chefs to learn their secrets, and even learn where Hollywood celebrities go eat their favorite tiramisu, or what kind of pasta they like to cook at home.

We also discuss:

  • The varying climates & cuisines throughout Italy’s different regions
  • How Raffaele & Roberto made their way from Italy to LA
  • Our love of hospitality (and the incredible waiters we’ve had the pleasure of eating with!)
  • Some of the best Italian dishes in LA
  • Pizza & Pasta
  • Where Hollywood intersects with Foodiamo
  • Simple (and delicious) dishes
  • A surprising fact: Italians like non-Italian food!
  • The incredible food brought to the U.S. by “shithole countries”
  • The future of Foodiamo


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