Jeremy Redman selfie

#058 – Jeremy Redman: Combining Community & Tech Startups with the Not Boring Business in a Box

Jeremy Redman Today we toast to building community! I met Jeremy Redman, host of Not Boring Business and Founder of AirFive, at one of his live podcast events just a few weeks ago. It was an amazing event where we enjoyed good beer, great company, and a collaborative atmosphere: the…
Kelly Roach profile photo

#057 – Kelly Roach: Grow Faster, Run Smarter, & Launch an Awesome Business

Kelly Roach Your requests have been answered: Kelly Roach is back for another episode!! If you didn’t hear our first episode, Kelly is the host of Unstoppable Success Radio, an international best-selling author, strategist, motivator, and really just a badass. She’s also in the process of launching a brand-new company,…
Seven Three Distilling Logo by Eileen Bivalacqua & Mary Anna Rogers

#056 – Eileen Bivalacqua & Mary Anna Rogers: Celebrating 300 Years of New Orleans & 3 Years of Seven Three Distilling

Eileen Bivalacqua & Mary Anna Rogers Resilience, passion, mardi gras, crawfish, beer, music, and the people: there’s a lot to love in New Orleans, and the ONE thing that brings people together more than the food is a mutual love of cocktails. In celebration of this – and everything else…
Pia Carusone Profile Photo

#055 – Pia Carusone: Politics & Bourbon in Republic Restoratives Distillery

Pia Carusone Pia Carusone, with her co-founder Rachel Gardner, opened Republic Restoratives Distillery in May 2016 – the only crowd-funded distillery in the country and the first women-owned distillery in D.C. So how did Pia get to be the owner of a distillery in our nation’s capital? Hold onto something,…
Litty Mathew: Co-founder and Spiritsmaker at Greenbar Distillery

#054 – Litty Mathew: Spiritsmaker of Greenbar Distillery, Makers of The World’s Largest Portfolio of Organic Spirits

Litty Mathew This week, our series on the badass women in the spirits world stays local! I got to join Litty Mathew in person at Greenbar Distillery, the first distillery to open in LA after prohibition ended. Litty is the co-founder and spiritsmaker at Greenbar Distillery, where she and her…
Lacie Thornton Bio Photo

#053 – Lacie Thornton: Distiller, Scientist, & Bada**

Lacie Thornton Lacie Thornton is our fourth badass female distiller in three episodes, and she knows a thing or two about both sharks and booze!! Lacie is one of two distillers at Grand Traverse Distillery, where she is responsible for the production of vodka, gin, rum, bourbon, and rye whiskey…
Ashby Marshall photo

#052 – Ashby Marshall: The Grain-to-Glass Story of Spirit Works Distillery

Ashby Marshall Today we’re talking to another kick-ass, badass female distiller: Ashby Marshall, Co-Founder & Brand Director of Spirit Works Distillery. I’m not kidding when I say Ashby is a forking badass. She met her husband and co-founder, Timo, while they were both sailing around on the Rainbow Warrior for…
Joyce & Autumn Nethery: The Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Jeptha Creed Distillery

#051 – Joyce & Autumn Nethery: The Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Jeptha Creed Distillery

Jeptha Creed Distillery In November, 2015, this dynamic duo broke ground on the 15,000-square-foot distillery in Shelbyville, KY. Joyce is the Master Distiller behind the operation, while her daughter Autumn acts as Co-Owner and Marketing Manager. And although Jeptha Creed is still very young, they’re already creating incredible buzz in…
Lorri Moore of Iron Horse Organics

#050 – Lorri Moore: Living the CBD Lifestyle

Lorri Moore Returning guest Lorri Moore joins us on the boat once again, with a bottle of bubbly white wine and a toast to living the CBD lifestyle: healthy and abundant in all things wonderful. Lorri is the Founder of Iron Horse Organics, and her mission is to provide both…
Mark Addison shaking a shaker

#049 – Mark Addison: How Cocktail Chameleon Brings Mixology to the Masses

Mark Addison Mark Addison is an award-winning designer, event planner, TV personality, entertaining expert, and the author of my new favorite book, Cocktail Chameleon. In Cocktail Chameleon, Mark dresses up 12 cocktails in 12 unique variations for 144 signature takes on the classics. Inspiring the creative mixologist in everyone, it is…