#051 – Joyce & Autumn Nethery: The Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Jeptha Creed Distillery

  • February 27, 2018
Joyce & Autumn Nethery: The Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Jeptha Creed Distillery

Jeptha Creed Distillery

In November, 2015, this dynamic duo broke ground on the 15,000-square-foot distillery in Shelbyville, KY. Joyce is the Master Distiller behind the operation, while her daughter Autumn acts as Co-Owner and Marketing Manager. And although Jeptha Creed is still very young, they’re already creating incredible buzz in the spirits world.

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“I fell in love with the art of distilling, and I knew this is what I want to do with the rest of my life.” –Autumn Nethery, Jeptha Creed Click To Tweet

When you think Kentucky, you probably think bourbon – whiskey, vodka, and moonshine – and if that’s the case… you’re absolutely correct!  But this epic tale is much grander, and goes way deeper, than just another Kentucky distillery. The Nethery story is truly fantastic, and what they are creating is nothing short of inspirational – and forking tasty! From the farming techniques, to the family creed, to their commitment to sustainability, Joyce and Autumn hold true to the legacy of distillers.

We also discuss:

  • How serendipity made Joyce a master distiller
  • Why Autumn studied in Scotland for a year
  • Why they chose the name “Jeptha Creed”
  • The “secret recipe” and unique heirloom varietals that go into these spirits
  • Sustainable farming techniques
  • Wet, dry, and moist counties
  • The Jeptha Creed drinks & their bourbon coming up in 2019 (it has to age!)
  • Everyone’s different reactions to different spirits


Joyce Nethery’s Bio:

As far back as she can remember, Joyce has had a passion for chemistry. She earned a Master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Louisville’s Speed Scientific School, and for 15 years worked as a process engineer in industrial scale distillation. She then spent a decade teaching high school chemistry and physics before her husband Bruce’s dream of opening a distillery reignited her passion for the distillation process—and the rest, as they say, is history.

Her deep love for farm life, as well as her many years working her family’s land, have given her invaluable insight into growing the wide variety of crops used in Jeptha Creed’s products. It has also inspired the distillery’s distinct ground-to-glass maxim. In addition to being a Master Distiller and owner of Jeptha Creed, Joyce is a devoted mother of two who has a  passion for all things Kentucky. She couldn’t be prouder to carry on the state’s long history of distilling the finest spirits in the world.

Autumn Nethery’s Bio:

Autumn comes by her love of distilling honestly—her mother is Jeptha Creed master distiller and co-owner Joyce Nethery. But it took a year at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, studying the craft with some of the best distillers in the world to truly ignite her passion. Now Autumn is among the youngest distillery owners in the country and an integral part of making Jeptha Creed one of Kentucky’s most groundbreaking distilleries.

Using what she learned traveling abroad with Semester at Sea, as well as through her studies at the University of Kentucky, where she earned her Bachelor’s in marketing, Autumn’s dream is to expand Jeptha Creed’s reach into every state, while still keeping the family feel the distillery is known for. She’s wholly committed to keeping Jeptha Creed spirits as natural and authentic as possible, so customers can always trust what’s in the bottle.

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