#055 – Pia Carusone: Politics & Bourbon in Republic Restoratives Distillery

  • March 27, 2018
Pia Carusone Profile Photo

Pia Carusone

Pia Carusone, with her co-founder Rachel Gardner, opened Republic Restoratives Distillery in May 2016 – the only crowd-funded distillery in the country and the first women-owned distillery in D.C.

So how did Pia get to be the owner of a distillery in our nation’s capital? Hold onto something, because this story is full of emotion, determination, calculation, cheer, and inspiration.

“You don’t just post a crowdfunding campaign and then money falls from the sky. You have to give people something to invest in, and make them feel like they’re really a part of it.” –Pia Carusone Click To Tweet

We also discuss:

  • The Carusone household
  • Pia Carusone’s time on the Hill, including being Chief of Staff to former Rep. Gabby Giffords
  • The challenges of opening a distillery in Washington, D.C.
  • Crowd funding a distillery using Indiegogo
  • Why they chose the name “Republic Restoratives Distillery”
  • Changing laws in D.C.
  • Aging whiskey in a puncheon cask
  • Pia’s flagship vodka and its unique bottle
  • Keeping price in mind when creating their products
  • The history behind their newest product, Chapman’s Apple Brandy


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