#058 – Jeremy Redman: Combining Community & Tech Startups with the Not Boring Business in a Box

  • April 17, 2018
Jeremy Redman selfie

Jeremy Redman

Today we toast to building community! I met Jeremy Redman, host of Not Boring Business and Founder of AirFive, at one of his live podcast events just a few weeks ago. It was an amazing event where we enjoyed good beer, great company, and a collaborative atmosphere: the perfect ingredients for a forking awesome community!

AirFive has gone through a few different iterations – a digital business card app, an alumni association app, event influencers, and drink subscriptions – but, at every step, it’s been about connecting people. Today, AirFive is democratizing film distribution by helping creators set up screenings and build community.

Jeremy bundled what he learned throughout the process of shifting the business into a product called Business in a Box, “an entire tech business in a box.” It combines the tech you need to create mobile apps and build a website with the knowledge you need to get that business off the ground. (Plus, you can get 50% off by using the code FORKER when you sign up!) Then the Not Boring Business podcast brings it all together by bringing community and promotion to startup events. Wow!!

“Success is largely a factor of just not giving up.” –Jeremy Redman Click To Tweet

Ready to finally start your tech business – in just one month?

Jeremy is offering $60,000 of tech in addition to a course that will teach you how to put it to use, all bundled together as Business in a Box. “You don’t need a technical cofounder. You don’t need any co-founders. You don’t need investors. You don’t need to give away pieces of your business. I can say this with absolute certainty because I have been through this process myself.” You don’t even need an idea – you just have to be willing to start.

Use code FORKER for 50% off at notboringbusiness.com/sign-up.

We also discuss:

  • Launching (and pivoting) AirFive
  • Success = not giving up
  • How Jeremy got his entrepreneurial start in the restaurant industry
  • Being told he’s too big for his britches
  • How Not Boring Business helped a restaurant entrepreneur build his own app & double down as a tech entrepreneur
  • How you can launch a tech startup without a technical founder
  • The endless possibilities of Business in a Box!


Jeremy Redman’s Bio:

Jeremy Redman is an entrepreneur and podcaster who founded AirFive, a film distribution company, and Not Boring Business, a brand built to motivate pivoters, freelancers, solopreneurs, and side hustlers with the product “Business in a Box.” After starting his career in accounting for god knows what reason, he motivated himself to live the life he wanted and accomplish his goals and the goals of the people around him as well.

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