Farley Elliott eats a giant pretzel

#035 – Farley Elliott: A Brief History of Los Angeles Street Food

Farley Elliott Today’s guest grew up in a town so small that he had to travel 20 minutes to the nearest “big” town to eat at late-night Denny’s with his friends Now, Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor for Eater Mag in LA and author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From…
Chef Chris Hill mixing drinks

#034 – Chef Chris Hill: Crush Your Career in the Kitchen & Online

Chef Chris Hill Chef Chris Hill returns for another forking delicious episode! In episode 20, Chris discussed the biggest challenges in the food industry and his book, Making the Cut: What Separates the Best From the Rest. Today we dig into Chris’ next book, Crush Your Career: A Proven Path to Sustainability in…
Chef Rouha Sadighi holding The Rooster sign

#033 – Chef Rouha Sadighi: The Rooster is Bringing the Breakfast Revolution from LA to Austin

Chef Rouha Sadighi COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO! It’s time to wake up because today’s guest, Chef Rouha Sadighi, is an over-medium egg perfectionist, a fierce competitor on Chopped, a Cutthroat Kitchen champion, and the woman making breakfast dope (again)! Chef Rouha brought a breakfast revolution to LA when she rolled out The Rooster food trucks, and now the…
Alan Tardi in the vineyard

BONUS – Alan Tardi: Exploring The House of Krug for #ChampagneDay 2017

Alan Tardi Do you want a peak into a world of champagne mystery, secrets, luxury, and timelessness – a world where wine holds memories of the past and future? Well, you’re in luck! Chef, restaurateur, and journalist Alan Tardi joins us to share his experiences within the secret world of…
Nicole Jolly Profile photo

#032 – Nicole Jolly: How the Fork Does Food Grow?

Nicole Jolly You’re in the kitchen, and you’re about to slice into an incredibly juicy piece of fruit – then, like a flash of lightning, you wonder, “How the fork does this grow?” If you’ve ever tried to find the answers to these head-scratching questions, then you probably know about TRUE FOOD…
Matthew Biancaniello Negotiating at the market

#031 – Matthew Biancaniello: Crafting the Biodynamic Mixology Philosophy Behind Eat Your Drink

Matthew Biancaniello Matthew Biancaniello is an absolutely inspiring self-made individual – he wrote Eat Your Drink: Culinary Cocktails (and has a second book on the way), hosted the Good Spirits TV series, and has traveled around the world making unique cocktails with unfamiliar ingredients… and he’s only been a mixologist for about seven years!…
Robert Dahut's Vineyard

#030 – Robert Dahut: The 21st Century Gentleman Wine Farmer

Robert Dahut Today we toast to grapes, and the people who grow them! A few weeks ago, I anchored the boat and drove up to Sonoma to chat with Robert Dahut. Robert is a modern-day gentleman farmer, or a person who engages in farming but doesn’t depend on it for his…
Lindsey Simcik & Krista Williams - hosts of Almost 30

#029 – Lindsey Simcik & Krista Williams of Almost 30: Empowering Women Through Transitions

Lindsey Simcik & Krista Williams of Almost 30 Let’s raise a glass and toast to the creative, excited people that inspire us! Lindsey Simcik and Krista Williams, the Almost 30 Podcast hosts, are two absolutely forking amazing women. On their podcast, they have real, raw, and honest conversations about transitions,…
Andrew Rasizer

#027: Andrew Rasizer – Unique Eats and Attention to Detail at B2 Bistro

Andrew Rasizer Today, I toast great chefs, savvy managers, and fantastic food havens they create together. My guest today is Andrew Rasizer, the General Manager at B2 Bistro in Redbank New Jersey. B2 grew out of a dynamic partnership between Andrew and his Chef, Chez. It is amazing to see…
Jennifer O’Neil photo

#028 – Jennifer O’Neil of Wood & Vine: An Executive Chef at 26-Years-Old

Jennifer O’Neil Today we toast to women – women taking over and stepping up their game, and my guest sets an inspiring example. I am on the boat with the amazingly talented and beautiful Jennifer O’Neil, Executive Chef at Wood & Vine. She shares her absolutely incredible life story, gives…