#038 – Michael Schibel: #TravelWithMeaning

  • November 28, 2017
Michael Schibel of Travel With Meaning | The Schibel Group

Michael Schibel

Today we toast to a life filled with extraordinary adventures, friendships, love, unique experiences, open roads, and incredible sunsets! Michael Schibel is the Founder of both The Schibel Group and Travel With Meaning, and he has a wonderful story to share that will take us on an adventure all around his world. You can expect tips and tools on travel, and some juicy tales never told before.

“Travelling is like life: you never know what you’re going to find, but you just keep going.” –Michael Schibel Click To Tweet

A little bit more about Michael’s businesses: The Schibel Group works with brands and talent wanting to develop innovating travel and hospitality concepts. Travel With Meaning is an online site and event host that showcases exactly what the title describes.

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Attend Travel With Meaning’s next Travel Talk (w/ awesome special guests!):

  • December 13th 7-9pm (6:30pm doors)
  • Venice, CA
  • Richard Bangs – Father of Adventure Travel and Co-Founder of Mountain Travel Sobek
  • David Hertz – Sustainable  Architect
  • Brad Gerlach – Former Pro Surfer, Coach, World Explorer
  • Event Information Here

We also discuss:

  • Why we share stories
  • Michael’s Hero’s journey
  • How Michael might have invented the Selfie
  • Discovering his mission
  • Tips, tactics, & tools for travel
  • Why travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer
  • What travelling means for different people
  • When you should use #TravelWithMeaning


Michael Schibel’s Bio:

Former talent agent turned brand strategist, Michael Schibel is a passionate traveler who’s worked with high-end luxury resorts, backpacker tour companies, and media networks to curate travel experiences.

With a rolodex of talent influencers and brands, his mission is to use the Travel With Meaning platform to share travel stories globally.

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