#036 – Annie Patterson: A Server’s Perspective + Preparing to be a Sommelier

  • November 14, 2017
Annie Patterson drinking wine

Annie Patterson

Today we’re sharing a super important but under-appreciated perspective: your server’s. Annie Patterson joins us to discuss the knowledge, focus, and mental toughness it takes to keep a smile on and provide the top-notch service that everybody deserves when they go into a restaurant. And, of course, we talk about wine!

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“Wine is for every budget, every background, and every walk of life – and I just want people to enjoy it!” –Annie Patterson Click To Tweet

Annie Patterson recently moved from LA to Boston to work at Barbara Lynch’s restaurant Menton, which is a French-Italian hybrid restaurant in the Seaport District. She is in the process of honing her ability to taste and understand wine, which may sound silly, but being able to articulate the flavor profile of a wine is a talent.

We also discuss:

  • Roller derby
  • The city of Boston
  • Opening a vintage furniture business
  • Getting overworked
  • Annie’s ability to articulate the flavor of food
  • Developing a passion for wine
  • Preparing for a sommelier exam
  • How we deal with difficult people
  • How servers can set the tone for a whole evening


 Annie Patterson’s Bio:

Annie Patterson grew up on an orchard in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern CA. She started working in restaurants at a young age and annoyed all her coworkers with a never-ending stream of questions about food and wine. She enjoys being outside, dogs, well-made food & wine, and laughing at inappropriate times. She has lived all over her native state of California and currently resides in the beautiful city of “Bahstan, MA,” with her pug and girlfriend of 5 years. She continues to annoy her coworkers with a non-stop stream of thought and questions.

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