#034 – Chef Chris Hill: Crush Your Career in the Kitchen & Online

  • October 31, 2017
Chef Chris Hill mixing drinks

Chef Chris Hill

Chef Chris Hill returns for another forking delicious episode! In episode 20, Chris discussed the biggest challenges in the food industry and his book, Making the Cut: What Separates the Best From the Rest. Today we dig into Chris’ next book, Crush Your Career: A Proven Path to Sustainability in the Kitchen.

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“Food is the starting point of what we have in common — which is a hell of a lot more than the differences so many are so quick to point out.” –Chef Chris Hill Click To Tweet

Working as a chef isn’t easy, and it’s not getting any easier. At one point, being a career chef meant was all about cooking – today, it’s just as much about creating an identity that rises above the competition. Crush Your Career shares how Chefs can create a brand that propels their career, and allows them to continue cooking the food they love.

We also discuss:

  • Chris’ writing
  • Food as a form of connection
  • What a meal celebrating Chris’ life would look like
  • Thanksgiving
  • How the restaurant world is changing
  • Teamwork in the kitchen


Chef Chris Hill’s Bio:

Chris grew up in Atlanta, then went off to earn a Master’s in Marketing. That provided him with a lucrative job in consulting upon graduation, which he soon learned to hate. Miserable after a year and a half, Chris made a 180° turn and followed his heart and passion into the world of cooking. He opened his first restaurant at the age of 28, where he grew into the role of executive chef.

Having taken his experiences in the corporate world, as well as those in the kitchen, Chris has built a large following centered around TV appearances all over the Southeast, his writing, two TEDx talks, and his mission of helping industry workers lead fulfilling, successful careers. He regularly speaks and shares his work on Medium, much of which has gone viral, discussing topics such as restaurant leadership, overcoming failure and business/entrepreneurship.

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