#027: Andrew Rasizer – Unique Eats and Attention to Detail at B2 Bistro

  • September 12, 2017
Andrew Rasizer

Andrew Rasizer

Today, I toast great chefs, savvy managers, and fantastic food havens they create together. My guest today is Andrew Rasizer, the General Manager at B2 Bistro in Redbank New Jersey. B2 grew out of a dynamic partnership between Andrew and his Chef, Chez. It is amazing to see the ways they collaborate on menus, drinks, and innovation to create something truly magical.

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Making it in the food and beverage industry is all about finding your passion, and Andrew found his calling at the front of the house, rather than making the plates behind the scenes. After a trip to culinary school, Andrew found his true calling was executing a vision and inspiring innovation in a place that he loved. Now, locals, foodies, and critics rave over B2’s unique eats and attention to detail. Andrew is at a place in his career where he could truly go anywhere. I’ll raise a glass to that potential!

Andrew Rasizer’s Bio:

Andrew Rasizer acquired a passion for the food and beverage industry at a very young age. Running around his grandfather’s restaurant “Chicken Galore”, and watching him conduct business, instilled a drive in Andrew to become involved in every aspect of the industry. His first opportunity presented itself in high school, there Andrew participated in a two-year program at the Culinary Education Center in Asbury Park, NJ, where he graduated on the Dean’s List. During this time he also worked both front and back of the house at different establishments throughout the Jersey Shore.

Focusing in the Culinary Arts, Andrew continued his education at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. There he completed his externship at restaurant Nicholas in Middletown, NJ, where he worked in the kitchen and discovered that his true passion lay in the front of the house where he could take care of guests, as well as be able to express and share his love for food and wine. Following, Andrew gained new employment at Piccola Italia in Ocean, NJ, continued his studies at CIA to obtain his Bachelors, while also maintaining a front of the house job on campus at American Bounty. Andrew graduated with not only degrees in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Restaurant Management, he also left with drive to continue his education and, with a small group of CIA graduates, expanded his studies in Chengdu and Beijing, China.

Upon returning, Andrew continued at Piccola Italia, and worked for seven years as the general manager. During this time, Andrew obtained his introductory Sommelier certification as well as traveled the west coast exploring its finest wineries. It was this learning experience as well as hard work and dedication from Andrew and his team that awarded Piccola Italia Zagat rated, as well as #1 Italian restaurant and #2 Wine List in 2014’s Best of Monmouth County. While he valued his time there, as well as his staff and learning experience, Andrew made it his goal to move on to a position in which he could grow.

In his current role as general manager for B2, Andrew strives to build a solid foundation for the establishment, as well as share in his love for food and beverage to both his staff and guests. Above all, he wants everyone to leave Blu with a lasting experience and will continue to strive to learn and be challenged in his role.

Also in this episode: 

  • Food is a family affair for Andrew.
  • Andrew started out as a chef and then moved into management where he landed happily.
  • We discuss what an “Actual Chef” actually is.
  • Andrew and Chef Chez have a dynamic and transformative partnership.
  • Redbank is a vibrant, unique town with a flair for food.
  • Andrew and Chez are always pushing the boundaries with their food and drink philosophy.
  • Ordering a drink is an educational experience and an opportunity to break the monotony.
  • Changes in the industry that are helping to build a living wage for restaurant workers.
  • Andrew talks Chicken Galore and keeping business as a family affair.

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