#018 Chris Luecke: Raising a Glass to the Pubcast Worldwide

  • July 11, 2017
Chris Luecke behind the mic

Chris Luecke

This world was meant to be explored. Wouldn’t you agree? There is something about the food we eat, the drinks we drink, and the places we go to get them that speaks loudly to the human experience. What better place to have a conversation about life and passion than over a couple of beers at a great local joint? This week’s guest thought that might just make an excellent podcast, and he did it! Chris Luecke is a podcaster, punk-rocker, engineer, and adventurer. Those might seem like wildly unrelated job descriptions, but Chris has managed to find a way to combine his love of beer, music, creativity, and engineering and turn into something truly great. Chris is behind the truly wonderful “Pubcast Worldwide,” and he sure knows a thing or two about having a vision and seeing it through. Join me this week as we raise a glass to new adventures, inspiring life stories, and excellent beer.

“I’ve been able to have some fun adventures as a part of my side hustle…and now I’ve been able to find some ways to bring them together.” - Chris Luecke Click To Tweet

Show Highlights:

  • Chris digs deep into his Midwestern roots to share how he came by his sense of adventure and love of beer.
  • From St. Louis to Milwaukee to Houston to San Francisco! Snapshots of life in each of these vibrant cities.
  • Manufacturing Happy Hour video series—Chris Luecke is adding value and knowledge of technology over, what else, but beer!
  • Chris’s love of Punk Rock and it’s motivational effects on his daily life.
  • Learn how the Pubcast was born.
  • Breaking down podcast barriers.
  • Chris shares how he got to do a stint as a bartender.
  • What’s up next for Chris and Pubcast? Listen and find out!

Connect with Chris:

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@pubcastworldwide on Instagram 

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