#060 – Brooke Rewa: Wellness, Made with Love

  • May 1, 2018
Brooke Rewa holding mylk

Brooke Rewa

Today we’re checking back in with our very first guest, Brooke Rewa, Founder of Made with Love Wellness. So much has happened in the last year, so we have a lot to talk about: rebranding, starting over from scratch, new products, a lot of delicious juice, and how she (somehow!) looks even more forking radiant than last time we talked!

If you haven’t heard Brooke’s first episode, or if you just need to brush up on her pro tips, you can find it at justforkingaround.net/001.

“One bottle of juice can literally make you feel completely different, and that can be the gateway to you making healthier choices for yourself.” –Brooke Rewa Click To Tweet

We also discuss:

  • Trademark shenanigans & choosing a new name
  • The impact of Brooke’s products
  • What exactly goes into creating these juices
  • Expanding out of LA
  • Brooke’s unique brand of almond milk, Mylk
  • Why Brooke doesn’t like to give people all-juice cleanses
  • Surviving + scaling in the risky food industry
  • Made with Love’s promise to Keep it Real
  • Marriage plans
  • Partnering with celebrity chef Matthew Kenney
  • The future of raw juice vending machines
  • More of Brooke’s awesome wellness tips
  • Care By Design’s CBD oil


Brooke Rewa’s Bio:

While battling food-related health issues, Founder and CEO Brooke Rewa began creating juice and almond milk in her home kitchen to help expedite her healing.

Seeing and feeling immediate improvements, Brooke started sharing her creations with friends and family and received tremendous response, both for the products’ taste and health benefits.

Word quickly began to spread and Made With Love Wellness Co  has since grown from a local Farmer’s Market staple to being offered in over  50+ premium LA cafes and shops.

“From conception, MWL’s mission has been to get real food to the masses through innovation and product transparency. Offering nutrient-dense products made from 100% organic ingredients and refusing to compromise when it comes to the integrity in each bottle is MWL’s promise. We hope you will see, taste, and feel the difference!” 

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