#061 – Jessica Jeboult: A Sober Girl’s Guide to Food & Beverage

  • May 8, 2018
Jessica Jeboult profile photo in the dessert

Jessica Jeboult

Today Jessica Jeboult leads us in a toast to our future: where our lovers are the truest, our friends are the staunchest, our bank account is the largest, and our liver is no worse for the wear!

And today, we toast with an untraditional drink: the non-alcoholic beer St. Pauli. You see, Jessica is a sober lifestyle guide and the creator of A Sober Girls Guide, a how-to for navigating through love and life from a sober point of view – something that is not necessarily easy to do as a 30-year-old DJ living in LA!

“My whole life, I’ve been kind of fake interested in things… Now I’m really tapping into what I really am interested in, what really feels good, and not just going with the flow of what everyone else is doing.” –Jessica Jeboult

We also discuss:

  • Jessica Jeboult’s day job as a blogger & night job as a DJ
  • Reframing the word ‘sobriety’
  • How a chance meeting with James Van Praagh’s agent led to the blog
  • Looking at not drinking as not limiting yourself
  • Tips & tricks for a sober lifestyle
  • Mental presence
  • Owning your brand
  • Jessica’s favorite recipe


Jessica Jeboult’s Bio:

Jessica Jeboult is A Sober Girl.

Through her recovery from drugs and alcohol, Jessica created a kick-ass online community called A Sober Girls Guide. Jessica is a certified results coach and combines her knowledge and experience of sobriety to educate, motivate and inspire clients.

She created A Sober Girls Guide as a how-to for navigating through love and life from a sober point of view. As a 30-year-old dj living in Los Angeles, she was constantly looking for inspiration and motivation to help maintain a sober lifestyle.

A Sober Girls Guide is where you come to get happy. Whether you crack up over a meme or you connect with an interview or blog post, A Sober Girls Guide is a feel-good approach to a heavy sometimes scary subject. Jessica is here to guide you through the good the bad and the ugly that can come with being sober. You are not alone and everyone makes mistakes. Jessica and A Sober Girls Guide is here to put a lil pep in your step through this incredible journey we call life.

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