#062 – Paige Cain: Exploring Mono Azul, an Expat’s Hotel & Restaurant | Forking Around Costa Rica

  • May 15, 2018
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Paige Cain

This is the first episode from my forking awesome Costa Rica adventure! I had the opportunity to sit down with Paige Cain, an Owner/Operator of Hotel Mono Azul – which means Blue Monkey. The hotel is family run, located in the heart of the lush Costa Rican rainforests and pacific beaches of Manuel Antonio.


Due to different resources, laws, and regulations, things in the food & hospitality world are done quite a bit differently in Costa Rica. Paige gives us a peek behind the curtain, sharing how she manages to deliver the best accommodations and meals available.

“I believe that hospitality is my gift. I just talk to guests and make sure they’re having a good time – and if that means going somewhere else, I’m okay with that!” –Paige Cain

We also discuss:

  • Paige Cain’s life before moving to Costa Rica
  • What it was like moving to Costa Rica
  • Navigating Costa Rican laws & regulations
  • Fixing up the hotel
  • Getting the hotel’s name from a four-year-old girl
  • Why Paige rents out golf carts
  • Traveling tips for Costa Rica
  • Paige’s favorite recipe for the ultimate Costa Rican cocktail, the Guaro Sour


Paige Cain’s Bio:

I have always had a gift for hospitality and have wanted to own a BnB or hotel since I was a child.  When the real estate market went down the drain in ’09 my husband finally agreed to try it.  We moved to the USVI of St. John and I loved it.  But being the workaholic that I am I needed to own it.  So long story short we ended up in Costa Rica as the proud owners of a 21 room hotel.  It also has a full restaurant and bar so I am a lot busier than I had originally bargained for.  

I was born in Florida.  I have lived in Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, The USVI and now Costa Rica.  I am sure it is not the final place of residence for me.  My husband may be disappointed to hear that.

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