#064 – Rima Danielle Jomaa: The Jungle Girl & The Vegan Lifestyle | Forking Around Costa Rica

  • May 29, 2018
Rima Danielle Jomaa - the Jungle Girl

Rima Danielle Jomaa, AKA Rima the Jungle Girl

Today our guest leads us in a toast to meeting new people, the beautiful jungle atmosphere, and being able to do what we love and connect with people. It was the perfect toast to kick off my very first conversation with Rima Danielle Jomaa, AKA Rima the Jungle Girl.

Rima is an entrepreneur, licensed marriage counselor, and vegan lifestyle advocate. She’s really incorporated an incredible brand and lifestyle, inspiring and activating others to reclaim their health, happiness, and freedom through her podcast, coaching, retreats, and more.

“I’m a vegan simply because I want my actions and my words to align with my morals and ethics – that’s really all it’s about. It’s the best way that I’ve found to extend the compassion and love that I preach about and want for myself to all living creatures.” –Rima the Jungle Girl

We also discuss:

  • Doing what needs to be done to live a life that you love
  • Earthlings, the documentary that changed Rima’s perspective on eating animals
  • The difference between plant-based and vegan
  • Managing vegan popups
  • Yoga being helpful… but painful!
  • Rima’s retreats
  • The Gottman certification
  • The 7 principles of making a marriage work
  • The story behind “Rima the Jungle Girl”
  • Working without relying on technology
  • Watching & writing stand-up comedy
  • Perceived problems
  • The secret “MargaRima” recipe


Rima The Jungle Girl’s Bio:

Rima is an entrepreneur, psychotherapist, vegan lifestyle advocate & yoga teacher from LA. She hosts the “The Rima the Jungle Girl” podcast from her jungle house in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where she lives the life of her dreams every single day. She hosts adventure, healing, and couples retreats around Costa Rica. You can find her at www.rimathejunglegirl.com or on Instagram @rima_danielle.

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