#071 – Joe Kahn: A Comfortable Culture + Made-From-Scratch Ingredients + Tacos = Condado Tacos

  • July 17, 2018
Joe Kahn of Condado Tacos

Condado Tacos

Today we raise our glasses to the Taco Touchers out there, which is what you call the amazing people that make your food with love at Joe Kahn’s Condado Tacos.

Joe worked as everything from a busboy at Sizzler to a roller skating server to restaurant manager before he and his wife came up with the idea for Condado Tacos, the go-to taco joint for Columbus that is quickly growing through the Midwest. They specialize in creating unique (stuffed) tacos, guacamole, and margaritas at affordable prices, and they’ve perfected the build-your-own model over the past four years.

Joe has a great perspective on the food industry after years of diverse experiences, and it’s honestly remarkable he’s able to make such delicious, hand-made food for exceptionally reasonable prices.

“I wanted to make a place that I could afford and go multiple times a week, not just once a month. To us, everything is all value-driven.” –Joe Kahn, Condado Tacos

We also discuss:

  • Creating the restaurant concept (over about half a bottle of whiskey)
  • The mouth-watering rotating specials, like June’s Flying Hawaiian Queso ( Applewood smoked bacon sautéed with fresh pineapple smothered in Condado Taco’s queso blanco. Garnished with our signature jackfruit bbq sauce and diced green onions), Kimchi Guacamole, and Breaded Buffalo Cauliflower taco.
  • The six restaurants currently open + the four slated to open before the end of 2018
  • What it was like at the Kahn dinner table growing up
  • Tequila is on the rise!
  • Creating a culture that makes your employees happy (and thus, your customers happy)
  • How Joe makes choices & chooses the right locations for Condado Tacos
  • Joe’s restaurant mentor


Joe Kahn’s Bio – The Story of Condado Tacos:

Joe Kahn created Condado Tacos in 2014 after having worked in the restaurant business for many years. Joe began his restaurant experience as a busboy at Sizzler in Chicago. After bussing, washing dishes, and serving at several more restaurants, Joe went all the way to Colorado for his first bartending experience (but not before he spent some time as a roller skating server in Boulder).

Joe returned to Chicago at 23 to bartend at The Outpost in Wrigleyville, where he soon found himself in management. From there, Joe began consulting for new restaurants and found his way to the idea of Condado. His goal was to create a relaxed hangout spot focused on menu innovation and delicious, made-from-scratch ingredients where people could enjoy good food that also wouldn’t break the bank. The result is Condado Tacos, Columbus’ go-to taco joint that is quickly growing throughout the Midwest.

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