#078 – Little Prince | Friday Forkisode

  • September 21, 2018

Little Prince

Welcome to the very first forkisode! These tasty little audio snacks will be released every other Friday, celebrating my favorite restaurants in the LA area with a story. The star of today’s story is Little Prince, Ari Taymor’s pop-up turned permanent restaurant. The setting is Main Street, Santa Monica. The plot is classy, cozy, and a little French, with Californian simplicity, sprinkled on top for flavor.

Debi’s brunch order at Little Prince:

  • Market fruit plate with coconut yogurt and honey
  • Smoked salmon hash with seaweed hollandaise, crispy potatoes, and a slow-cooked yolk
  • Tuna taurine on bread with vegetables


  • Make a reservation at littleprince.la
  • How many dropping silverware were you able to identify? Let me know in an email & I’ll enter your name into a t-shirt raffle giveaway: dsalty00@gmail.com

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